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Binance Smart Chain



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Launch Date

01 March, 2022


Cashio Team is Building a Revolutionary Casino for both Investors and Crypto-Gamers

💎Investors will be small owners (Share-Hodlers) of the Casino Platform and Earn up to 65% of the Earnings while having the chance to give ideas and vote on them for the next Game to be added on the Platform.

🎮Gamers will be able to Play the Custom Games having Unique Experience while having the chance of earning Tokens and Big Jackpots.

🕹Casino Platform will include:

- Mini Games (Crash, Mines, Plinko and many more)

- Decentralized Gaming

- Lottery Game (Jackpot)

- P2P Battles

- NFT Gaming

- Slots

🚀 Key Features:

- 3% Liquidity

- 3% Token Reflections

- 4% Jackpot Wallet in BNB

- 5% Team/Marketing/Development Wallet in BNB

- 7,77% BNB distribution System

- 10,23% Buy-Back System

- Deflationary System ---> Hold and watch Cashio Price Increasing

- Use-Case ---> Hold Cashio and earn up to 65 % of Casino Profits


- Total Supply:  1,000,000,000,000 Cashio Tokens

- Liquidity: 33.8%

- Initial Burn: 15.3%

- Max Wallet: up to 1,5%

- Max Buy/Sell: 0.2%

- Team/Marketing/Dev Wallets: 0%

📝Contract Address: 0xA1146b1AAa3a0aF932AFb7A0160116D49DdfDAD8

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