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22 March, 2022


🌐 The Web3 Project 🌐

"Your data, your identity, your money"

The Web3 Project envisions a world fully integrated with Blockchain were people truly own their data.

They going to help achieve this by building a series of user driven experience DApps easily adoptable by the general public, all while staying decentralized by functioning as a DAO.

Be a part of something BIG 💪

💎 Social Gaming Platform

💎 The WEB3 DApp Store

💎 Whistle - Social Network DApp

💎 The WEB3 Marketplace - Sell anything (even your data)

💎 Customizable Avatar NFTs with benefits through all The WEB3 ecosystem

🚀 3x Rewards: BNB Dividends, $WEB3 Reflections and Community Voted Token

🚀 Anti-dump Algorithms

🚀 Circuit Breaker! Our anti-panic sell system

🔥 Mystery Boxes

🔥 Web3 DAO

🔥 WEB3 Swap

🔥 Staking

🔥 The Upfinity League - P2E Game

✅ Doxxed Team!

✅ Pinksale Presale Starting March 1st

✅ Audit


Make Web3 a reality, join the movement.

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