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Binance Smart Chain



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27 February, 2022


We all love cats, the internet loves cats, so it was time for a cat token on ViteChain 💸 . Miau...we are $ViCat, the new Meme Coin on the $Vite chain for Cat lovers and everyone enjoying Crypto.

Our Goal is to share more fun, $Vite and $ViCat love all around the world. There are lots of Dog Coins but most people always forget our cats, so lets spread the Word about $ViCat.

The team behind $ViCat are the Guys from VITEtools, some $Vite and $ViCat lovers and senior Cryptousers with an IT savvy background.

$ViCat is made in Germany. We want to share our Crypto and Catlove with u the fun and feeless way.

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