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27 February, 2022


Welcome to Crypto Bureau Of Investigation - Crypto Forensics Unit - Beahaviour Analysis Unit

With great pride we present our first long tern project : CBI - Crypto Bureau Of Investigation

Our utility token wants to present itself as a leader in the Crypto Security sector and offers some solutions in the Field of Crypto Security as : 

- Know Your Customer System & Service better known as KYC, a service that will allow you to publicly know the identity of the developer and certify it through our service.

- BSC Contract Audits where our team of developers will take care of analyzing the smart contract and providing a review, just like the most famous providers of this service

- Crypto Forensics Unit not only will CBI take care of gathering as much information as possible about the scammers but it will also proceed to carry out formal reporting operations to Interpool for CryptoScams and to Binance, practically trying to immediately block the scammers' funds.

- BNB REWARDS For every single piece of personal information we can get from our holders about the identity of the scammers we are looking for, we will pay a respective in BNB. In addition an extra bonus in CBI token if we ever manage to report the identity of the fraudster to the Police of the state of belonging

- CBI Token Scanner Made directly by our developers, it will take into account many functions unknown to most and in case of reports from the community the cleanest contracts will be reviewed for free

- CBI Marketing Department that will take care of the organic growth of our token as for other tokens or teams that needs help regarding the marketing of their token.

CBI Contract : 0x203ad30a6e36be966d7aae08971aa0fe998e5dbd

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