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15 March, 2022


Crypto savings made simple and accesible for anyone. Think of the FiPi APP as a tool that works exactly like ETFs in capital markets. FiPi APP is an investment tool  

whose task is to reflect the behavior of a selected fragment of the cryptocurrency market (FiPi Crypto Index) 


Creating FiPi APP to revolutionize the way of modern savings with automated purchases in accordance with cryptoindexes,  


- automated savings system based on cryptocurrency 

- easily accessible for non-crypto users 

- FiPi APP will create constant demand for the FiPi Token - BURN mechanism 

- Introduction of the possibility of withdrawing funds via a dedicated FiPi VISA / FiPi Mastercard 


Pillars of app: 

DCA Method / Balancing / FiPi Indexes / Buying 1%  


Tech Specs 

⚡️  Using savings indexes (FiPi 10 Index / FiPi 30 Index / FiPi Next 20 Index) created in partnership with renowned BITA gmbh - Germany fintech.  

⚡️ Establishment of a legal entity that will be provide payment services in line with the EU PSD2 Directive 


Team doxxed and KYC. FiPi Ltd: Registered entity in EU responsible for FiPi APP and FiPi Token

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