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13 February, 2022


META DRAGON CITY is a simulation game where you raise cartoon dragons. First, you pick a habitat, and then you hatch, feed, and raise a dragon to adulthood. Once it's an adult, your dragon can fight or breed with other adults to create new baby dragons for your city. Breeding happens with floating hearts, and battling involves tapping buttons to choose moves, but the dragons don't actually touch each other -- they just incur damage points until they disappear. As you complete tasks, you earn experience points and in-app currency ($DRAGON), each of which unlocks abilities or enables you to buy things. You can speed up your leveling-up by using $DRAGON Token, and you can spend on anything from cool accessories for your dragon to increased powers in battle.
Meta Dragon City follows players to raise their own dragons and design a city full of dragons on floating islands. Gold produced by dragons that can be used to buy and upgrade buildings and habitats.

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