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Binance Smart Chain



Market Cap


Launch Date

15 March, 2022


Entice is creating whole crypto eco system for their users.

👾**Crypto Games**👾

Entice is launching Crypto games where players can play 1 Vs. 1 with own friends as well as online Players and Earn Entice coins.

Crypto Games App will be launched with 2 mini games and over the period it will he 50+ mini games where Players can play & Earn


Entice NFT Holders will have Exclusive Benefits

🔹5% of Profit sharing of Crypto Games by Entice

🔹0 Trading fee on Entice Exchange 

🔹Free Entry in Entice iconic Events

🔹Member of Entice Elite Club


Entice Exchange has vision to Create Crypto Bank 🏦 for Crypto World.

Highlight features of EnticeX

🔸CSIP (Crypto Systematic Plan)

🔸CFD (Crypto Fixed Deposit)

🔸CRD (Crypto Recurring Deposit)

🔸Fiat Deposit & Withdrawal 





🔸Spot Trading

🔸Margin Trading

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