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Binance Smart Chain



Market Cap


Launch Date

18 February, 2022


BabyMicroZilla - Official MicroZilla SubToken - 3% MicroZilla Rewards

A series of enthusiastic cryptocurrencies and developers, MicroZilla fans, have decided to launch this SubToken to continue to push the original MicroZilla up, through the 3% rewards in MicroZilla.

We hope and are sure that this SubToken will soon be able to collaborate with MicroZilla developers, in particular we can offer developers useful technical and marketing knowledge, and BabyMicroZilla will publicly demonstrate this.

We are preparing a really crazy marketing for BabyMicroZilla, we hope that our holders will be able to see the potential in the short term of this token as we can see it.

We are experts in creating Baby Tokens, some of our previous works have touched 1M of Market Cap, so we are almost sure that with the help of our community we could do incredible things in the short and medium term.

$BMZL Supply : 

1,000,000 total supply

$BMZL Tokenomics : 

12% buy, 13% sell

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