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Binance Smart Chain



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Launch Date

18 February, 2022


🐕 ShibFen Inu 🐕

We have a solid plan! A plan for the road to success! A successful business knows its target audience. Capturing an audience in crypto isn’t easy!

📃Contract Address: 0xC5eBFa8Bcd148FF4A081BF63e62a85ACaBd814AB 

✅ Poocoin ads live

✅ Publications on Yahoo and 500 sites 

✅ CMS post trending 

✅ Adverts on 9 other crypto sites 

✅ Audit with zero issues and kyc

We will target the ShibFen my…Why..? 

They want the supply burnt as fast as possible. So in comes ShibFen Inu. The majority of our transaction tax will be used to buy and burn ShibFen Inu. Thats right buy it and send it straight to the dead wallet.

ShibFen Inu also gives 2% rewards in BNB. NOW LIVE ON PCS

Taxes 15% in and out 🔒 3% LP 💰 2% BNB REWARDS 🔥 10% BUY&BURN WALLET

We have a plan we have a strategy we have a business minded team… 

We will have a full clean audit with KYC.

ShibFen Inu has been created from the idea of establishing a positive friendship with the world wide community of ShibFen Inu. The project is simple and clear and the mission of ShibFen Inu is very simple…. We want to decimate the supply of ShibFen Inu. If you are a holder of ShibFen Inu you will no doubt be driven and waiting for the burns to keep coming. We found many projects offer ShibFen Inu as rewards, this is great as it helps the holder count but we struggle to see the overall benefit to ShibFen Inu holders as we all know holders are not sending those free tokens to the dead wallet. So that lead the team to ShibFen Inu.

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