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17 February, 2022


Metarc Solutions

Metarc Solutions is the module design and formation project of the Metaverse universe, which is developing and making a name for itself as the technology of the future, supported by new generation artificial intelligence. Metarc Solutions offers the possibility to create the Metaverse structure-universe in a way similar to systems created using drag-and-drop or ready-made modules.

People can create a Metaverse world without the need for any code structure (optional) and expand their project by developing the Metaverse universe openly to everyone. Metarc Solutions is a project that is in BETA and continues its development. You can find the future and all the details of the project on the roadmap.

Metarc Solutions has the infrastructure to support ERC-721, BEP20, ERC20 and TRC20 chains. You can create and support the Metaverse universe you want to establish on the blockchain you want.

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