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Binance Smart Chain



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15 February, 2022


Welcome to CroFomo! Where we do the fomo for you. Buy and hold Crofomo to earn usdc directly to your wallet. The team goal is to build a token with a substainial amount of volume daily to have a generous amount of rewards daily. We will be doing manual buy backs daily once passive income has grown enough and will be creating a strong lp every time funds are pumped into crofomo. Diamond holders also will be rewarded with new cronos tokens within the space by the team airdropping to holders so we can sit back and let CroFomo do the fomo our team consist of 4 members and well known within the cronos space and have lots of crypto experience between one and another, and gain access to information early and have projects approaching for support now CroFomo is here to be the family of cronos space and support all new based projects and provide free marketing which will invetiably give us massive exposure from the thanks and new partnerships to come for CroFomo. Enjoy and engage!

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