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Binance Smart Chain



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01 March, 2022


BeFiT DeFi is an ultimate community Staking and Liquidity linking Platform. A place to build crypto passive income. BeFiT DeFi allows you to earn high yield rewards on your crypto by staking and providing liquidity. Ideal for new crypto users. How does it work ? A) Liquidity Mining : Participants simply need to provide liquidity to BFT/BNB AMM Protocols ( eg. PancakeSwap ). Users will get rewarded with newly minted BFT as rewards for providing liquidity. Pool holders also get rewarded with (Trading Fees on Pancakeswap V2) as there pool share . B) Staking : Participants can participate in multiple pairs (BFT/ WELB) for staking program and get rewarded with Multiple Competitive rewards.

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