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01 February, 2022


Feblix Finance was founded on January 2022, conceived by former Google developers, FEBLIX FINANCE is Decentralized finance on Binance Smart Chain (BSC) and aims to create an open ecosystem where anyone, anywhere can gain financial freedom. All big decisions guided and voted by Feblix Finance were created for the people. 

The future is upon us, and we are prepared. We weigh the consequences of any action we make, and we are dedicated to a long-term strategy. We openly exchange information with you. We’re well-organized, well-coordinated, and we’re all pulling in the same direction.

Using FBLX tokens the holders can enjoy multiple benefits within our feblix finance ecosystem, as it may be used as the governance token in the future.

As it is a deflationary token, the value will gradually increase based on the number of transactions made. Therefore, the more Feblix tokens users hold and donate, the more reward they can expect. In the future, instead of sending funds manually, we plan to automate it, and FBLX Governance will be used for it our long term goal is to become a completely Decentralized Autonomous Organization through FBLX Governance.

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