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14 January, 2022


The origin of GMT was founded by Kristin Karan, an artist, teacher of painting, and owner of a gallery, who came into contact with Greek culture and art by chance and fell in love with Greek related culture and art, Kristin Karan has been practicing art for 30 years. Kristin Karan has been practicing art for 30 years and hopes that the art of the world will continue to be passed down through time, history and culture.

The core of GMT will be developed in the direction of art and culture, and GMT will combine NFT and NFT games as the basis of development. We are very optimistic about the concept and technology of NFT, and our team will build GMT's independent art to become one of the art fields in the market. art products, art dolls... In the future, we will cooperate with various KOLs to achieve the goal of using GMT as a token to pay for artworks, and will continue to develop

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