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08 March, 2022


KryptoBox is a new groundbreaking project with a complete Dapp Ecosystem designed for utility and functionality inside and outside the Metaverse - all powered by the $KB governance token. KrytpoBox Dapp boasts a suite of powerful utilities, games, marketplaces, and user services with incorporated 3D AR/VR environments designed to provide meaningful solutions for our users, investors, and partners.

KryptoBox Multi-Asset Gift Boxes - The Genesis of KryptoBox - Live at Dapp Launch:

Buy, Pack, & Send Secure KryptoBox Multi-Asset Gift Boxes -

(Fully customize your unique KryptoBox gift with any or all of the following)


-NFTs (ERC-721)

-Web 3.0 Integrated Messages

-Robust Web 3.0 & Multi-factor Box Security Features (Peace of mind for you and recipient)

-Additional Custom Security Box Options (For fans of overkill or the incredibly paranoid)

-Custom KryptoBox Wraps/Skins, Delivery Options, & Unboxing Animations

-Custom Delivery Options Including Gift Box Lock Timers (i.e., Do not open until Christmas, etc.)

-Future AR Metaverse Integration

-AR Live Coordinate Drops & Time Capsules

-Additional KryptoBox custom features and gifting partners TBA.. (Be sure to follow socials!)

KryptoBox Dapp Ecosystem -

(A peek at a few features and utilities within the KryptoBox suite set to release following the Dapp launch. Not an exhaustive list.)

- Multi-Service $KB Storefront & Market Place w/ Integrated $KB “Escrow Box” Payment Service

- Gift Box Marketplace (Wraps, Mystery Boxes, Promotional Sponsored Boxes, etc.)

- NFT Digital Art Studio Marketplace

- Blockchain Services Marketplace (i.e., Developers, Influencers, Project Hiring Ads, etc.)

- Decentralized, 3D AR/VR environment

- 3D Gaming Platform

- Integrated Swap

- Token Staking

- Full Dapp Ecosystem

KryptoBox Token & Contract Features:

(The smart contract is not released yet; please be careful of potential imitators and scams.)

-KYCed & Based Dev Team (Certified KYCed Team Presale)

-Audited Contract (Certified Contract Audited Presale)

-Anti Whale & Anti Bot Protection

-100% LP Locked for 2 Years

-100% $KB Project Tokens Locked & Vested

-Smart Structured Taxation - Tiered by project phase and transaction type (i.e., project phase example = Launch, Q2 Beta, etc. - Transaction type = buy, sell, transfer. For full distribution and detailed taxation breakdown, please visit our website)

-Taxation Distribution - Dividend Rewards, Liquidity, Marketing, and Development. (Actual percentage split based on transaction type and current phase - visit website for details)

-Custom Dividend Rewards

-Please visit our website and review our pitch deck, whitepaper, and Gitbook for full project details and information.

-Presale and Launch date TBA soon (Date listed below is only to fulfill required field entry)

The smart contract has not been released yet; please avoid potential imitators and scams.
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