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04 March, 2022


PLAYHUB is a community-driven platform empowering users by rewarding them for their engagement and enjoyment by using innovative tokenomics, finance and games. 

PlayHub's vision is to create a world where digital assets are more valuable and accessible to any person around the world, no matter the profession, social status or education. Each person will have easy access and transparency from our side. Gamers will not only be able to take true ownership of their in-game assets, but will also be able to earn rewards for participation in the ecosystem.  

Our team offers GameFi and traditional gaming communities some unique advantages. All the games in the PlayHub ecosystem are free-to-start and require no investments. Every game in the PlayHub ecosystem will have the $PLH token as a medium of exchange and the Play-To-Earn concept, with the addition of interoperable NFTs that provide them both value and utility. Users will benefit from a friendly game dashboard and acceptance of different cryptocurrencies and FIAT. Players can buy $PLH with fiat using the Visa/Mastercard/SEPA options. Funds collected in FIAT will be used to buy-back $PLH tokens from PCS liquid pool. PlayHub strives to offer community members phenomenal flexibility with custodial and non-custodial wallet choices. Transparency is one of our foremost priorities. Players can choose their own storage preference with both Metamask or Dashboard options available. PlayHub has it’s main focus on mobile games. Our team secured a groundbreaking partnership with Midnight Works which is a leading mobile game developer&publishing company with tremendous experience and a notable reputation. This partnership will offer us the ability to integrate $PLH tokens and interoperable NFTs in fully developed games and build a creditworthy chain of top-quality products which will bring scaling to a new level. 

PlayHub aims to change the GameFi market for the better and establish a healthy community around blockchain gaming by building a Play-to-Earn system that meets the needs of every user around the world.

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