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25 February, 2022


BIG Coin is already one of the biggest and most trusted community coin listing and voting platform with 10k-20k users. Why invest in BIG Coin token? ✅ We are sure you are tired of Rugpulls and scams. When we launched Bigcoin our idea was to first have a successful working project and now we are in the process of expanding it into a much bigger project - think CoinMarketCap 2.0. We have already started working on it. ✅ Backed by platform ✅ Big coin token is a use case token. ✅ We get 10k-20k users daily who are looking to invest in new projects. ✅ We will have unlimited Marketing on our website that will benefit the token and our community. ✅ We have a strong and hard working team that knows how to run a successful company because we totally believe that a company is only as good as it's team. ✅ Our advertisers will get a 20-30% discount if they pay using our token. This will help increase our token's price ✅ The new features that we implement will be community driven. Reputable and trusted company All year round free marketing - 365 days - 24x7 on Potential 1000x SAFE investment Tremendous exposure to 10k-20k users everyday. Website trusted by millions of people One of the biggest coin listing platform Exciting partnerships in works. TokenomicsTotal Supply 1000,000,000,000,000 Presale Price is 0.000000004$ 10% Presale : 10% Teem 52% Burn 1% Burn Every Sunday For Next one year 80% lock

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