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Binance Smart Chain



Market Cap


Launch Date

05 February, 2022


💰 How to buy BKN token?👇👇

🌐 Go to your personal account on the site

➡️ Go to the "Wallet" section, click Buy BKN) 

➡️ Select cryptocurrency for payment [BTC/LTC/ETH/BNB/BUSD] 

➡️Click Buy Token,Make a transfer, wait for 1 confirmation ✅

🚀Invest in ⚔️ ⚔️ get bonuses + NFT 🔥✅

Bonuses: 📣👍

➡️ 5 000 BKN bonus + 1 NFT 🎁✅

➡️10 000 BKN bonus + 3 NFT 🎁✅

➡️50 000 BKN bonus 3% + 10 NFT 🔥✅

➡️100 000 BKN bonus 6% + 25 NFT 🔥✅

➡️250 000 BKN bonus 10% + 50 NFT & 3 Exclusive NFT 🚀✅

➡️500 000 BKN bonus 21% + 100 NFT & 10 Exclusive NFT 🔥🚀✅

BattleKnight — Online crypto game, (Strategy) in which players capture lands and fight for the right to be the leader BattleKnight game is perfectly balanced, this large universe and addictive game, where there are such modes as PVE, PVP There is a competitive mode with a rating inside the game. Every item is included in the NFTs ecosystem The in-game currency of BattleKnight is the BKN token.

BattleKnight is an addictive online game. Our goal is to use Blockchain to improve the gaming experience of the process. Millions of gamers will be striving to succeed in BattleKnight. The BKN token is integrated into the BattleKnight game so that new gamers get to know the crypto world through gamification.

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