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29 November, 2021


PETSIAN COIN is an alternative cryptocurrency that was released by a decentralized platform with the same name. The cryptocurrency was released in Nov 2021 and has quickly gained over a 100 holders. According to the protocol of the platform, the token performs two main functions during the trade, which are Reflection, LP Acquisition. This is a Online PetsGame Project  project. 71% LP tokens locked for 4 years. 

Here a more serious approach is observed as the goal is not to reach the height but to do it safely. Anyway, the slogan was well accepted by the Players community.

The goal of the Petsian project

The token was designed to raise funds to grow the project and develop mobile apps. Porject is already working for 2019. The platform offers its own solution to avoid a high APY LP-farming trap that became an issue in the conditions of the DeFi explosion. Numerous cryptocurrency facilities were ruined after getting into this trap. 

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