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25 February, 2022


Luck Chicken is a cockfighting NFT multiverse that features 3 game modes: PvE (Click To Earn), Farm, and PvP (3D cockfighting). Each of our game modes will have its own tokenomics but they will be correlated with each other at the NFT level (especially with breeding). The PvE mode is the one that is soon to be released, which has $Luck as its native token, the economy of our PvE is circular (reinvestment, burning and recirculation of tokens and NFTs), thus ensuring a longer duration of our game. We have a life expectancy in this mode of more than 4 years, this without counting the other game modes. Furthermore, we plan to evolve to an optional staking economy thus ensuring a more aggressive burning of tokens and NFTs, and bringing more excitement to this game mode. Also our other game modes will have this optional betting economy, with the exception of the PvP mode, where it will be a betting only economy, and a much more visually appealing and competitive game.


Our mission is to attract people who like this animal sport, which can be fun but is at the cost of the lives of the roosters that are involved in the fight. We want these people to enjoy some good but virtual cockfights, with all the adrenaline of betting and so we also take care of these precious animals, who do not deserve such suffering in exchange for the fun of their owners and the waiting people.

Our vision is to be able to be one of the leading games in the NFT world, that people get to know the NFT world thanks to us, and that they feel safe and confident that this is the future and that we can achieve great things. We want to last more than 10 years, it may seem like an exaggeration but it is our vision, we will see you in 10 years with a project that attracts many people, and even going out on stream, casinos and bookmakers. In addition to the advertising that can be done within these games, which will guarantee and further strengthen the duration of these.

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