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18 January, 2022


Welcome to Ameru DAO
Ameru DAO is a community owned and operated Organization building a multiplatform ecosystem with both decentralized and centralized aspects. A true balance in Business to Blockchain Solutions.

Mission Statement:

Ameru DAO is a secure place where honest and vetted Business leaders with vision have merged with Blockchain technology! Providing everyday services at a discount using $ADAO token.
The primary objective of Ameru DAO is to enable people to execute financial transactions without the involvement of intermediaries. Transactions are secured by smart contract on the Binance Smart Chain. Transactions can be made easily from anywhere in the world in seconds saving on wire transfer fees and time.
The design of Ameru DAO is to allow our participating business community members to offer rebates and incentives in exchange for using the ADAO token as method of payment for products and services. We currently have agreements for use in the Mortgage and Real Estate sectors as well as Legal Services like Immigration in Canada.
Example: Mortgage Broker Services - Fees of $5000 paid to Mortgage Broker in ADAO 10% rebate to user or staker of ADAO equals $500 savings.
Immigration clients would save in the same manner with discounts and savings from not needing to pay for wire transfers.
Ameru DAO has a 10 year Contract with Trillium Mortgage Corp for this service !
Ameru DAO has a 10 year contract with for legal and financial services.
Secondary objectives of Ameru DAO
Build Ameru X Swap (currently under construction; this swap will provide a safe and secure place to trade cryptocurrencies while allowing users to earn ADAO through providing liquidity to the Ameru DAO ecosystem). Swap platform should be complete end of February 2022.
Other platforms are in development stage and will be released later this year bringing more demand for $ADAO token long term.

Project Features:

The Ameru DAO Ecosystem will offer a range of services including Business to Blockchain Solutions connecting participating businesses to the crypto currency space. These companies will pay a fee for service using the ADAO token and be integrated into the Ameru DAO Ecosystem through Ameru X Swap, which will provide a source of liquidity to the DAO. $ADAO token contract on BSC Scan is : 0xa0ad976e66518c8fd92021c027c531cd12ca2df6

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