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Binance Smart Chain



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06 January, 2022


WELCOME TO Sweet BTC. Sweet BTC ($SBTC) is a multilayer hyper-deflationary token that allows passive income automatically sent to your wallet by simply holding through our mindless mining protocol.

Each transaction provides for 3 functions. Burning, reflecting and buyback.

3% of every transaction is bought from the open market and burned forever thus increasing the value of everyone else’s tokens
5% is reflected proportionally in BTC to all holders holding a minimum of 0.01%
4% is sent to the marketing wallet where we use it to buy up the tokens and provide for marketing.
The future of blockchain is still with the OG token BTC. Despite its ups and downs, this token will be the rock that all other tokens will rely on.

We plan on developing multilayered blockchain cross developing on the Binance Smart Chain and Bitcoin.

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