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Binance Smart Chain



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Launch Date

15 March, 2022


Introduction: MuskDeerCoin is a token based on BEP20 standard on Binance Smart Chain. MuskDeerCoin was built to help various Animal Welfare Groups around the world. We plan to reach out to every single group out there which is dedicated to work for the wellbeing of animals and help them in their work. Help them get Donations easier than ever from any corner of the world. MuskDeerCoin has also a Special Charity Fund of 1 Million MuskDeerCoins which will be locked into STAKING and the REWARDS will be distributed among all registered Animal NGOs each Month.

MuskDeerCoin will be rewarding for all token holders by providing them with daily rewards for just holding the token in their wallet. All Token Holders can claim their daily (or hourly) rewards directly. A separate games platform is also being developed where MuskDeerCoin will be used as base currency. Initially a board game MuskLudo (based on popular game LUDO) has been built. More games are under development.

Coin Specifications:

BEP20 Contract Address: 0xB58e8864B7bdA750283B5797a313195b147072c5

Name: MuskDeerCoin

Symbol: MUSKD

Decimals: 18

Initial supply: 100 Million

Minimum Supply: 100 Million

Maximum supply: 100 Billion

Coin Holder Rewards: 350% APR (0.04% hourly)

Burn: 2% MUSKD burned from sender address on each transaction

Development Fund: 1% MUSKD transferred to Development Fund from sender address on each transaction Maximum 1% is allowed to be held by any wallet. Maximum Unclaimed Stake rewards restricted to 1 Million. User needs to claim them to continue getting stake rewards.

Pre-Sale Bonus: Special presale bonus: 100% MUSKD bonus on First purchase. These Bonus tokens will be locked into BONUS STAKING forever and cannot be withdrawn. Users will keep receiving bonus stake rewards at 350% APR (0.04% hourly) forever. This is our special way to thank all the early investors and supporters. 5 Rewards: All Token Holders will get rewarded for holding MuskDeerCoin in their wallet. The rewards rate will be 350% APR (0.04% Hourly). Staking is not required. The maximum unclaimed Rewards value is limited to 1 Million to keep it Fair. User can keep their MuskDeerCoins in any compatible wallet and can claim the rewards directly from our website or from Bscscan website. 

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