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Binance Smart Chain



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Launch Date

07 January, 2022


Bored Battle Apes allows you to play against the computer in gameplay mode where you collect Bored Battle Apes and you use them to defeat 9 enemies. Each level is setup for battles of 9 vs 9. As you level up, you get more Bored Battle Apes you can choose from to create your ultimate team. When you play against other players you can use the BAPES you’ve already minted. It's like Pokemon but instead they’re Bored Battle Apes.

Bored Battle Apes will allow you to P2E in multiple ways:
- Play against the computer to see who finishes the game fastest with the most points. Over 100 levels to go through!
- Play against other teams around the web to see whose team reigns supreme
- Play-to-Earn game drops that will reward users with $BAPE for daily engagement

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