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Binance Smart Chain



Market Cap


Launch Date

04 February, 2022



🚨 Fair Launch on 4 Feb, 17:00 UTC 🚨

🌑 The Newest PEPE meme token on the Binance Smart Chain Network!

🌑 Pepe The Frog is a top-notch meme and was always destined for the high-class respectable chads of the crypto space. With the help of our fellow 4chan lords, we will keep propelling to the moon!

🐸 Are you guys excited for the latest kekw frog? Because we are! 🐸

🌑 $PEPEG is a token designed to benefit long and short-term holders through fair-use tokenomics, NFT giveaways, and platform development to increase volume and trade rewards. And most importantly Pepega Token will represent the next generation of NFT and Defi.

🐸 Pepe solemnly swears to go to the moon! 🐸

🌑Stake your Pepega Tokens with more than 100% APR!

🌑Pepega Token is an NFT Marketplace showcasing the talent of our project artists. Hold at least 1 Million tokens, get a portion of the sales of the NFT Marketplace and earn BNB's! We are proud to share the title of our NFT's. The "Froggies"! 🐸

🌑$PEPEG is a low-market-cap, investor-focused token supported by some of the industry's greatest marketers, developers, and designers. This project will be worth a billion dollars, according to the team, and there will be more surprises in store.

🌑We plan to list the $PEPEG token on multiple CEX’s in the second quarter of 2022, ensuring the continuity of the project both on the decentralized and company-run line.

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