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Binance Smart Chain



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Launch Date

15 November, 2021


The Container Coin platform links the physical world of trade and transport to the blockchain.


Container Coin’s foundation is based on four main pillars. The first pillar is to collect required start-up investment to build the decentralized supply chain platform. The second pillar being the online platform allowing for various parties to connect and exchange information on cargo, on their transport needs, as well as supplemental services.  The third pillar is to expand container investments to blockchain investors. The final pillar is to build the world’s largest decentralized supply chain platform where customers receive the fastest service from the service providers without compromising, meanwhile blockchain investor gets the best ROI (return of investment) possible.

Container Coins are initially intended to be used a payment method for the services provided on the Container Coin platform, as well as payment to 3rd party service providers operating in partnership. It is designed to attract a wide user base from a multi-billion dollars B2B marketplace by introducing and implementing subscription free services. Container Coin platform users’ interaction in the services sections naturally delivers demand for the platform’s smart utilities. These smart utilities are facilitated through Container coins. The aim of the platform is to bring maximum demand for Container Coins. Through demand for the tokens Container IDO supporters receive added value.

The future usage of Container Coin Platform will also utilize our future NFT services. Container Coin NFT’s will plan to use for following purposes

·         approving transactions

·         proofing and handling ownership

·         handling transferability.

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