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Launch Date

20 December, 2021


Cresio is the ultimate tool that connects your entire crypto environment on a single platform.

The Cresio platform was created in response to the need to encompass the control of different parts of the cryptocurrency ecosystem in a single space. In other words, it brings together in a single platform the possibility of operating simultaneously in multiple CEX and DEX, with advanced trading functionalities for users, regardless of their level of knowledge. 

These functionalities are carried out in an intuitive environment with audiovisual aids that allow for an agile and controlled experience.

Problems and solutions 

CRESIO has faced the need to solve the current deficiencies that occur in the different CEX and DEX, among which are the lack of information and the scarce tools that improve the investment experience for the user. 

Due to this problem, they have concentrated their efforts on studying and understanding the errors that CEX and DEX currently suffer from, in order to develop a platform that solves this problem and facilitates operations in an intuitive environment that displays as much information as possible. 

The priority has been to create a user-friendly interface to unify several CEXs and DEXs within the platform, thus eliminating the need to constantly switch between several browser windows when operating in different CEXs and DEXs simultaneously. 

Cresio's vision is focused on the present and the future, developing a practical and fast system to incorporate new trading tools to increase users' chances of success. 


Some CEXs and DEXs where you can trade through Cresio are:
Binance, CoinbasePro, Bittrex, JamonSwap, Uniswap, Pancakeswap.

What does Cresio solve?

There are many features that Cresio provides that will greatly facilitate users' trading operations.

  • Unification of CEX and DEX, drastically reducing access time.

  • Improvements in DEX operations by facilitating the buy/sell system and adding functionalities such as buy and sell orders, stop-loss and programmable operations.

  • Easy and fast one-click switching between CEX and DEX.

  • Easy and fast one-click switching between cryptocurrencies and between placed and active orders.

  • Individual help on each panel, offering an explanation of its use and purpose, supported by a video tutorial.

  • Unification of the data of all the cryptocurrencies that exist in the CEX and DEX synchronised with the Cresio platform, not only expanding the market information, but also the project of each one of them.

  • Visualisation and control over the active operations, as well as the last ones carried out in different CEX and DEX in real time, being accessible from any section within the CRESIO platform.

  • Export of all unified histories and balances, individually or as a whole, to an easy to understand tabular list for the presentation of fiscal accounts.

  • Possibility of creating alerts on prices, volumes, 24-hour changes, trends, inclusion of new cryptocurrencies in a CEX or DEX, etc.

  • Integration of an automated calculator that offers the differences and percentages in the operations carried out.

  • Unification of data and statistics that can be exported to different formats in an orderly fashion. 

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