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07 February, 2022


.Meet Island DeFi, the largest and most complete Brazilian LaunchPad that brings together in a single platform all the tools and services that a developer needs to create successful crypto projects, from absolute zero to launch! With Island DeFi it is possible to create, launch and present new projects to a super engaged community.

In this ecosystem, the $IDEFI official currency of Island DeFi was also born, which has a revolutionary and never-before-seen contract, which rewards holders with the most Hypadas coins and also with coins from the best projects created from our LaunchPad. And who chooses what will be the next coin received as a reward is our own community!

In this way, holders will automatically receive in their wallets a wide variety of coins with enormous potential for appreciation.

With the strong rise of Bitcoin in recent years, the possibility of multiplying your investments in the short term has become non-existent, because imagine the huge capitalization gain it would take for Bitcoin to double in value? In the case of new cryptocurrencies, this gain movement is still beginning. It's as if you had a new opportunity to buy Bitcoin 13 years ago. We believe in the trend of this market and that's why we developed Island DeFi, which was inspired by the largest artificial islands in the world, located in Dubai. We emerged as a solution for developers and as an excellent investment option. We aim to be among the TOP 10 cryptocurrency creation platforms in the world!

Check out some of Island DeFi's tools:

- Token Generator with brand new features

- Pre-Sales Platform

- Ranking of the best projects

- KYC Verification - Which ensures the identification of developers

- NTF games

- Market Place NFT

- Exclusive Island DeFi Wallet, with Pool and Farm system

- Tutorials with step-by-step videos

All this with just a few clicks.

In addition, part of all revenue produced by the Island DeFi platform will be invested in our $IDEFI currency, paying more rewards to holders. Also invested in burning tokens and increasing liquidity, which makes $IDEFI rare, scarce and in a cycle of constant appreciation.

Therefore, Come with us and be part of Island DeFi, a project already audited, with transparency, trust and great returns for investors.

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