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Market Cap


Launch Date

05 February, 2022


The ERC-20 token of the underdog

Cybershinu empowers the average investor by providing a fair presale launch at a set token price. That way, you'll always be in the win, without fear of dumping whales.

We're also giving back to those who without, we wouldn't be here. Our friendly animals will receive substantial donations, in form of aid to shelters, foster parents, and if we take off enough - our very own shelter we can all say we played a part in.

Fixed price presale (WAGMI)

During the presale, you will be able to purchase $CYSHI at a fixed rate of 1 $CYSHI, per $0.00075 . This ensures the community a surefire moonshot token. There will be no whitelists, no seed/early round sales. Everyone equally gets in on $0.0075. After the presale is over, your $CYSHI will be claimable on our page.

No transaction taxes

At Cybershinu, we are firm believers in full ownership over your tokens. Which is why we've decided to never implement any sort of tax on your tokens. Many other memecoins implement a taxation system on their coins - up to 15% - which only harms the users overall, and benefits the whales.

Looking Ahead

This is just the beginning. With plans to bring our bad-ass dog to life in a comic series, cross-chain capability, and even a DAO, we're just only starting. We'll have more news on expanding Cybershinu soon - and we'd love for you to be a part of it.

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