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05 January, 2022


Free Novak community is the foundation of the project, which is actively supported and built upon by a passionate team whose primary focus is creating meaningful discussions on vaccine mandates and how to get the world moving again. We’re all adults, so let’s have a 2 way conversation and allow the world to move forward.

Novak is now being barred from Spain and other Australian tournaments because he refuses to be vaccinated. You must be Djoking! Novak is a millionaire and is in peak physical human form. There’s no reason he or other people like him have to take the vaccine.

This is the same with global policies. The CDC said that most COVID deaths occur with people with 4 comorbidities. The rational then policy decision should be to isolate those types of people but to allow healthy bodies to be able to move in freedom.

The faster we can go back to normal, the faster we can rebuild our economies. Allow for tourism and travel.

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