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Binance Smart Chain



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20 May, 2021


KUDOS is a community-oriented, frictionless, yield-generating contract where you are part of future StartUp projects, donate to those in need, get airdrops, and much more, just because you are part of KUDOS. KUDOS means praise and honour received for achievement and It belongs to all the holders. Liquidity mining rewards all the holders with 5% tokens for every single transaction. You can say that this is a Kickstarter for future projects launched under the KUDOS CRYPTO ECOSYSTEM. KUDOS was created as we got sick and tired of getting scammed with all kinds of coins, lies, and promises for a secure earn and wanted to change this. Transparency, organic growth, and honesty are our main focus points towards the KUDOS community, being open to building something strong, secure and actually bring a change and help others by donating to different causes that YOU will propose and vote for or street charity activities. We are going to list KUDOS on CG and CMC in the next period, more exposure will come. Merchandise will be added soon with some sick designs and we plan to reward everyone involved with something unique and special. 🔐SECURITY🔐 KUDOS contract has a security option that won't allow holders to manipulate the market and the way it evolves. So no sudden dumps or buys that affect the price. 💰LIQUIDITY💰 Liquidity is locked so you don't have to stress about anyone running away with your BNB, contract is verified so anyone can check it and see what it is. 🔥BURNED TOKENS🔥 70% of the total supply is burned, sent to a dead wallet. 📑ORIGINAL SUPPLY 📑 1,000,000,000,000,000 KUDOS 70% Burned 10% Tax on Transactions 5% Distributed to holders 5% Added to liquidity ANTI PUMP AND DUMP VERIFIED CONTRACT LOCKED LIQUIDITY While the bear market makes damages to every crypto wallet, we are secure and going only up. Join us and be part of the change, get your future airdrops, participate in all our contests and get rewarded while you sleep, be secured, be KUDOS.
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