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Binance Smart Chain



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Launch Date

13 January, 2020


The World’s 1st Centralized Exchange with Decentralized Features

We are building an exchange platform that guarantees your safety

In today's cryptocurrency market, an element absolutely missing from centralized exchanges is the protection of personal privacy.

All exchanges know the sensitive data of their users, so the anonymity on which the cryptocurrency concept is based becomes inexistent.

We researched and studied the exchanges that currently exist and concluded that the market requires the efficiency and usability of a centralized exchange and the anonymity provided by decentralized exchanges.

From this concept and ideology was born the solution offered by Quantic RS, a Fully Crypto Centralized Exchange that can guarantee the user anonymity that decentralized exchanges currently offer.

Why Quantic Exchange and QEX Coin?

✅Innovative Cryptocurrency Loan

✅Proof Of Worknomics

✅Blockchain Agnostic

✅Up to 550,000 TPS

✅Multiple cross-chain for

✅NFT Marketplace

✅Play 2 Earn Gaming Platform

✅Social & Copy Trading

Why QEX Coin?

QEX aims to definitively solve the Blockchain Trilemma which is scalability, security and decentralization through the help of an innovative proprietary blockchain.

QEX Coin will use an innovative system of multiple Crosschains growing based on network saturation and will enable instant and near-zero cost transactions of up to 550,000 TPS

🔥 Listing information

QEX will be listed on 1 top10 CEX and 2 DEXs before the end of Q1 according to our roadmap

🔶 Pre-Sale Details

Pre-Sale Close: when QEX reaches 1$ or within 37 days

Max Supply: 1B QEX

Min Purchase: 5000 QEX

Max Purchase: No Max

Accepted Currencies: USDT

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