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Binance Smart Chain



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Launch Date

27 January, 2022


CRON FAMILY - is a game whose goal is to capture the whole world.  

☣️A family of different mutations of the virus - Covid-19🧬 which should, by spreading and mutations with different types of living beings and with each other, take over the world. The Earth.

☣️When crossed with other types of virus, mutation occurs and some characteristics are adopted and a new virus is obtained, which may be unique and you will not find it anywhere else.

☣️The characteristics of your virus can be pumped as you use them in the game.

☣️Tokens are needed to quickly pump their viruses - infection and defense skills, additional acceleration, etc.

666 - Max Supply🧪
66,6% - Game tokens🧪
33,3% - Pancake LP🧪
0,01% - Dev Tokens🧪


💊Unique characters in the form of NFTs

🧪Leveling NFT characters

🧬Buying and selling items and artifacts that can be found in the game and earn by gaining skill

🔬Availability of own marketplace - operations for our token

🩸1 year LP Lock on Mundra Manager (DexTools partner)

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