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Binance Smart Chain



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Launch Date

24 January, 2022


From the Creators Of MinitaurVerse Crypto Which Achieved +1.5$ Million Marketcap in 3 days: 0xf37a60de6f9f0c92bad09902b804438a37255f47
  We Want To Bring You A DAO With A Verse, A NEW VERSE!
  We Are Building The First Securely Administered DAO = FSADAO!
  FSADAO Means That Our Security Analysts Will Monitor The Matrix Code Behind The Independent, Decentralized Contract And Protect You Against HACKS, SCAMS, LOST WALLETS, FROZEN TRANSACTIONS, WRONG ADDRESSES.
  A Set Of Unique Private Variables Can Be Set Accordingly By The User, I.E. You Sent CapitalVerse Tokens To A Wrong Address, Our Security Analysts Will Be Able To Mint New Tokens For You After Having Provided Them The Correct Transaction Hash And Proof Of Ownership. If The Receiving Address Is Unused, Then That Will Be Associated As Burn Address And Will Be Adopted For Burning From The CIRCULATING SUPPLY REGURARLY To Build The Foundations Of Strength And Solidity.
  Join Our Phase 2 With CapitalVerse Sponsored By ProtoBank Protocol Investments & Associates!

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