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Binance Smart Chain



Market Cap


Launch Date

28 January, 2022


EverEarn (EARN)

- EverEarn provides investors with the best opportunity to earn the highest ratio rate of residual BUSD income.

- 100 billion initial token supply with 15% of tokens burned on launch + a minimum of 5 million tokens burned a day for the next 6 months.

- 11% BUSD rewards and 2% to liquidity + buyback and burn on all buys, sells and transfers

- 1 BNB buy-in during presale will earn approx. $145 in BUSD a day, at $1 million trade volume, with that amount increasing daily due to daily burns.

 - EverEarn is not a hobby, side project or a side-hustle; it's a business being run like a business. Neither time nor money will be wasted on internal development if better, cheaper and faster already exist for purchase.  As a business, EverEarn is about bringing service and value to its investors.  In most instances, development will be outsourced, and the primary purpose of our two project devs is to vet that development, versus spending weeks to months trying to develop it themselves.

- EverEarn has already been audited, double KYC'd with and, and the core team is already fully doxxed on website.  There will be, up to, an additional 3 audits on the smart contract completed before presale, establishing a new level of trust in the crypto-space.

- EverEarn has an aggressive development roadmap, to ensure all the 'basic services' are accessible by investors early on.  Staking, Liquidity Pooling, NFT Minting and Wallet Tracker GUI will all be delivered within the first 8 weeks from launch. 

- During presale phase, investors will have the chance to win 1 of 60 Limited Edition EverEarn Pre-Sale NFTs, and EverEarn will be running an airdrop contest of 2 billion EARN tokens divided amongst 150 winners.

- Socials were just launched and Telegram is staffed with 24/7 paid professional moderators - so updates over the next few days will be considerable.

Core Team - fully doxxed on website


Dave Rahman - Project Lead

Trent Butler - Community Mgr

Aaron Perras - Developer

Erico Gomes - Deverloper

The core team knows each other in real life, and have worked with each other in real life, either presently or in the recent past.

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