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19 January, 2022


Felix is a community driven project with a mission to help guinea pigs and build innovative products and services for crypto and blockchain industry.

We have been inspired by the story of Félicette which is the only cat successfully launched into space on 18 October 1963. After the flight the media gave her the name Félix.

Two months after Felix returned to Earth, scientists have decided to perform a necropsy on Felix and ended her life to examine his brain further.

We are aware of the suffering and difficulties of all guinea pigs used in scientific research, such as Felix. As Felix team, we want to turn this situation in favor of animals. By taking advantage of the opportunities offered by the development of fields such as digital twins and life in the virtual universe, we would like to digitize research conducted on animals directly. Thus, we aim for a more comfortable and free life for them. We will create an ecosystem around Felix Token and turn this mission into reality.

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