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22 June, 2021


Raise – In The Money ($RITM) is a brand new DeFi project created to be a complement to its sister token, In The Money ($ITM). We pride ourselves on transparency, honesty, and engaging the community. We are launching with a 15% tax on transactions. 3% of which will be distributed to all $RITM token holders. 12% of the tax will be converted to BNB, 8% of that will go toward the buy-back process, where the contract buys back $RITM whenever a sell happens and then burns those tokens. 4% of that 12% will be injected directly into the $ITM staking contract, where $ITM stakers will receive those rewards. 10% of the BNB rewards sent to the staking contract goes towards marketing efforts. As part of the buy-back function we have the ability to turn up the buyback amount and really push the token price to new heights.
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