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05 December, 2021


What Is Shreky Moon (SMOON)?

SMOON is a community based token, aiming to provide various utility functions for its investors, built on the Binance Smart Chain. Projects include: common investment treasury (involving real World art), DAO (for community autonomy), staking, yield farming, burning with fix supply.

The open-source project also aims to “tackle the losses of retail investors, and provide them a fun, and straight forward method for achieving lucrative investing strategies” — helping to create a community that is open, secure, transparent and fair.

Shreky Moon was founded in 2021, and named after the beloved cartoon character of the early 2000s, Shrek. The SMOON token is designed to ensure that owners can participate in the operation of the Shreky Moon network and that holders have the power of governing the future of the project to a common goal. This is made reality via the group communication channels (Telegram for instance), and will have its own platform within the SMOON Application.

Shreky Moon offers 0 trading fees upon investing, therefore enabling all of its prospects and investors to buy, and sell $SMOON tokens whenever they like, since the project is based on free-will and transparency.

The first publications of Shreky Moon caused the price to surge, gaining more than 3500% in the matter of 9 days in early January 2022. The days following the aforementioned price action, the team introduced its plans to establish the SMOON APP, which has many functionalities, including: transfer of funds, DAO and staking.

Who Are the Founders of Shreky Moon?

Shreky Moon was founded by a team consisting of business university students. The original team leader is Adam Solmayer, supervising all technical functionalities of the services Shreky Moon provides. The project is still in its beta form, every change and modification to the project is highlighted in its communication channels.

The funding originated from the team of founders, no fund-raising happened before launch, therefore providing a fair launch for all $SMOON holders.

What Makes Shreky Moon Unique?

Young investors with low capital, but with a great risk tolerance love projects which have a fun theme and a close, exclusive, helpful community behind. Shreky Moon builds on that, but also provides great utilities from which the holders can benefit easily.

There are no other „meme” based projects, which offer a great potential financial gain on invested assets besides the speculation over price action. Shreky Moon prioritizes transparency and dependability, therefore any potential investor and holder can pose their questions directly to the founders and team members, during commonly held AMA sessions.

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