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17 December, 2021


Make Cities Great Again - Is a Metaverse Blockchain Gaming platform, inspired by US President 45.

In MAGA City, players will transform into the role of a property developer building skyscrapers, housing units, buying and selling his vast property portfolio.

From there, each player will participate in building a larger metaverse property portfolio with many unique custom styles in order to become a Real Estate Tycoon.

Challenging Mr. MAGA City

If the five city levels are passed, the player then faces a business competition with Mr. MAGA City. The object of the challenge is to go into business against Trump for a 5 minute or 10 minute game, with the ultimate goal of driving him into bankruptcy. The game moves faster and it’s a zero sum game. As your properties go up in value, his goes down. Do you have it what it takes to beat Mr. MAGA City.

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