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Binance Smart Chain



Market Cap


Launch Date

15 January, 2022


BABY ETH FAN TOKEN (BEFT) will serve as a launchpad for 

legitimate organizations and projects in the De-Fi 

Binance Smart Chain space. Tokens who want to be 

featured on the BEFT site will need 

to pay to become partners and be promoted. The 

launchpad serves the purpose of weeding out 

illegitimate projects and confirming project activity 

with team leaders. 

In review of projects that request to be partnered with 

BEFT, the executive board will research 

the project's team and past experience. Any projects 

found to be associated with projects that failed early 

will automatically be rejected, due to a poor track 

record. To uphold a high standard of coins that partner 

with BEFT, all requested projects will be 

asked to submit a record of previous experiences for 

each member on the project team. 

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