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18 January, 2022


Vampire World is an open-world Metaverse game based on the 1840s. The plots sold in the world are available for players to build their own vampire clan houses. The plots vary in price according to the size of the area to be determined by the player/user. Players can authorize other players to join clan houses.

Players can declare war to other clans with their current clan. Battles or duels within the metaverse world can be fought for a certain amount of loot.

Arrangements to be made within the clan house can be made by the clan owner or by players authorized by the clan owner. The furniture used in the clan house arrangement consists of objects designed within Vampire World. Designers can integrate their desired furniture designs into the world by meeting with the Vampire World team.

Get ready for a Metaverse universe full of vampires that you can enjoy as an open world. There are only vampires in this universe. Choose your own vampire character. Buy a unique plot for your vampire clan and start building your clan building. Avoid biting the friends you invite.

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