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Binance Smart Chain



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06 July, 2021


🐶$BABYSPACEFLOKI🐶 Tired of earth 🌏 and dreaming of going to space on Elon’s rocket 🚀 ?? Well we have the token for you. 🌕 Fly to the Moon with Baby Space Floki🌕 🐶 Baby Space Floki has always dreamed of going to the moon and we want to send him there. Join him for the ride! There has been a long and noble history of sending dogs to space but we want Baby Space Floki to be the first dog to step foot on the moon. 👨🏻‍🚀 You think Neil Armstrong was a big deal??? 💫Get ready for BABY SPACE FLOKI 💫 NASA has spent weeks training this pup for his incredible journey through ✨SPACE ✨and it is up to us to ensure he gets there! 🎤 The dev is highly experienced and has successfully launched some incredible tokens on BSC before. 🤩 The dev is known for his community engagement and connected with the best members from each of his previous tokens.
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