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Launch Date

23 May, 2021


Shiba Inu Shih Tzu ($SHIT), is a BEP 20 token(Binance) following the footsteps of recent successful meme tokens. With 50% of the supply burned, 28% for presale, and the rest is locked in liquidity. Zero team tokens, but project funding is still necessary. So the team has decided to fund this project with a 1% fee for every transactions. Using this method, team will not be holding a big bag. And as project grows, more funding will be necessary. The 1% fee will be growing alongside this project, making it possible to fund project without being a whale. There is an 8% fee for every transactions. 5% will be automatically added into Liquidity Pool, 2% will be rewarded to holders, and 1% for project funding.
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