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Binance Smart Chain



Market Cap


Launch Date

15 January, 2022


❗️Fair Launching 15th of January at 7PM UTC ❗️

💨 We wish you a good Day! We would like to introduce you to evilness itself The Krampus Coin. Real project with 100x Potential 

🚨 Liquidity will be locked just after contract deployed wait for liquidity lock link and you are good to go 

🚨 You can buy small amounts and sell to see if it’s legit or not but i assure you it is legit 

❗️What or who is Krampus?

💨 The Krampus is a horned, anthropomorphic figure in Central and Eastern Alpine folklore who, during the Christmas season, scares children who have misbehaved. Assisting Saint Nicholas, the pair visit children on the night of the 5th December, with Saint Nicholas rewarding the well-behaved children with modest gifts such as oranges, dried fruit, walnuts and chocolate, whilst the badly behaved ones only receive punishment from Krampus with birch rods.

❗️Why it is going to be The Biggest project?

💨 Because we have an amazing team with great skills and network for example when it comes to  marketing we don’t need anyone because we can provide everything ourselves. Let’s talk about our Dev, he worked, working and will work 7/24 for this project only to save you guys from shit and scam coins.! He planned every detail to be successful. 

❗️Check our Road Map in Website:

❗️ Tokenomics 

💨 Buy & Sell tax %11 

💨 BTC Rewards %5 

💨 Marketing %5

💨 Liquidity %1

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