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Binance Smart Chain



Market Cap


Launch Date

17 June, 2021


The Project CRYPTO XFORCE is an Unique Defi token launched with an aim to achieve targets with a consistent growth in the price. Our project is fair launched Defi tokencomprised with Tokenomics , Auto LP feature and Burn. Our goal is to build a community with a strong diamond hands where Dev's and Whales on the bottom line secures the dumps and protects from liquidation which effects the market severely. We've seen projects which doensn't even take a period to cross the line but a market with complete turn down on the price chart. We have went on a complete 60% burn from total supply where it valued a 60 Billion XFORCE Coins, while the LP- Holdings has completely burned out for the safety of the LP - Pool and the community who believes in XFORCE CLUB. Each transactions sucks out a 5% of ins and outs towards the LP and 5% Redistributed among the holders.
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