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Launch Date

12 January, 2022


Crazy Rich Coin ($CRC) is a community driven platform that promotes

real estate ownership by empowering the millennials and Gen Z to be

in control of their assets and create their own wealth opportunities.

$CRC is allowing for fractionalised ownership of real estate by

leveraging on the capabilities of blockchain technology and smart


As real estate prices skyrocket, the incomes of Millenials and Gen Zs

cannot keep pace with it. This mismatch in income and rising house

prices is making this asset class inaccessible to them. $CRC is

redefining real estate ownership through the use of blockchain

technology. Crazy Rich Coin is creating a real estate metaverse to

bridge this gap in the market, making it possible for Millenials and Gen

Zs to own real estate.

$CRC is an ERC20 token. The brand and token name took inspiration

from the movie Crazy Rich Asians. The wealthy characters in the movie

may seem exaggerated, but a lot is true. Real

estate around the world are controlled by these 1%, and

predominantly old money

Families. Fortunately in these few years through cryptocurrency, vast

amounts of

Wealth has been created by the new generation for the new

generation. Now is the chance to be a part of the top 1%. The time to

grab land and properties., so let’s get Crazy Rich!

Become a landlord in the metaverse through $CRC!

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