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22 February, 2022


Utopia Community is an innovative social crypto project. The sale of the tokens mainly finances social projects around the world. Which projects are selected for this purpose are not decided by the company, but collectively by the community members. This concept is unique. With their project they want to save the environment and help the people in need.

The token is a TRC-20 token and runs over the Tron blockchain. The project includes a membership program to ensure the value of the token is preserved and to provide opportunities and rights to members of the community. Their future project platform will be technologically innovative. It is used to present social projects from the community members to be voted on a monthly basis. Depending on the number of tokens the community members hold in their wallet, the token holders receive various rights within the community. These include, for example, voting rights in project selection or the possibility to propose own projects. There will be also an internal donation platform, where the community members can help each other, if someone is in need. As a reward to say „Thank you“ for the community members which help to make the world a better place, they will build exclusive holiday resorts where the members can make cheap holidays.

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