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Binance Smart Chain



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15 January, 2022


Fair Launching 01/15/2022 

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MetaCade is a project that will combine, Video Game Emulators & Crypto by building a third party process with token & tracking game progress and rewarding/earning for the selected emulated video games to make a "MetaCade Emulator".  This process will be a MetaCade short-term goal window. After that goal is met we will proceed in accomplishing our long term goals of merging the MetaCade Emulator with VR (we have some examples we like below). Combining the MetaCade Emulator + VR we will implement that system in the right MetaVerse (Primarily where Facebook/Meta chooses to setup their MetaVerse systems to gain the most exposure. These goals are hard embedded in our staff and our primary goals within MetaCade!

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