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Binance Smart Chain



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Launch Date

18 December, 2021


WisteriaSwap is a YieldFarm DeFi service in the form of DeFi 2.0. (It is not an Olympus DAO fork chain.)
WisteriaSwap overcomes the limitations of "Liquidity Mining" as most of the WST-BUSD LP is owned by the protocol. In addition to that WisteriaSwap is different from the stablecoin system as it keeps the YieldFarm DeFi system intact.
Services that fail to control inflation through token burning will eventually decline. In this way, WisteriaSwap will meet many expectations.
That's why WisteriaSwap works together with a sustainable token-burning model. Blokfiled.INC proves that sustainable YieldFarm services are possible through RobiniaSwap's fund system, Delegate Farm system.
Therefore, WisteriaSwap adds a deflation model that can control inflation.

Service Features

  • Auto WST(Automatic Restaking) WST staked in the pool is automagically harvested and restaked (Compounded). This service will provide users with the highest level of APY.
  • DeFi 2.0 (No need to hold the LP anymore.) The protocol mainly owns WST-BUSD LP. Wisteria users can use the YieldFarm DeFi service safely with minimal "impermanent loss."
  • Withdrawal fee When withdrawing staked funds within three days, you may incur a withdrawal fee of up to 2%.
  • WisteriaSwap is mined for "Call Option" with a sure % of WST issuance, and only mined WST is distributed through "Call Option." Call Option allows users to purchase WST below the market price. 
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