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Binance Smart Chain



Market Cap


Launch Date

07 January, 2022


MetaMars is a virtual reality platform powered by the Binance blockchain. Users can earn Coins by creating, experiencing, and Producing content and app. By our project all of the available lands will be sold In the metamars World permanently owned by the community, giving them full control over their Property.

Users claim ownership of virtual land on a parcel ledger based on blockchain.

Land owners control what content is published to their Property.

A set of Cartesian coordinates is defined by (x,y) which is digital asset stored in a Binance Smart system 

That is non-tradable, but transferable.

People are spending more time in virtual worlds for both entertainment and work.

by MetaMars Project we plan to add a new experience to the Metaverse world.

You will be able to build and form the purchased Land in the MetaMars world.

The stores we create can be bought and added to the land you own.

You will also be able to help us develop MetaMars by sharing the open source code on GitHub.


MetaMars scripting language will allow

You to develop the application, games, gambling and dynamic 3D scenes. It also allows to create objects,

load textures, Make Tangible objects, cod user interactions, sounds, payments and external calls.

Content Refinement

Users on MetaMars will gather around neighborhoods with common interests positioning  near the centers with heavy traffic directing users to the content of the landowners.

Digital Collection

We expect users to publish, distribute and collect rare digital assets published.

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